- Our Name is Our Internet Address!

When we first started planning the farm, we were trying to decide on a unique name. We were also on the hunt for a domain name. We're either brilliant or just lucky, but when we found available, we thought why not use it for both. When you see our logo or hear us refer to ourselves, that dot com will always be there. Farm spring of 17

The Farm is located in Wheat Ridge Colorado where we are creating the ultimate Community Farm. The lawn is gone and in its place row after row of organic, non-GMO vegetables and herbs. We also lease land at Five Fridges Farm about 3 miles away. Our produce is raised the way food should be grown; without chemical assistance, picked ripe just before you purchase it.


Our mission is to be a year-round local source for high quality produce using organic principles that result in safe, sustainable food in the healthiest environment possible. Using innovative marketing ideas, we provide exciting shopping experiences and help to cultivate the community’s understanding of eating locally grown foods throughout the year. We seek to achieve these goals for the community while creating a sustainable business environment for the owners and employees of


Interacting with our customers and the community is essential to us. Through our blog, Growing The Urban Way, we’ll give you the chance to learn about We are proud of the produce we grow and are utterly transparent regarding our philosophy of creating good tasting, nutritional, fresh,

Farm to Table food. Our Facebook page, our website, and our blog are opportunities to reach out to the community. We want to communicate not just a marketing message, but useful information that you can use on a daily basis to enrich you and your family's life.

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