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Our rewards program has been a great success for the last two market seasons, and we can hardly wait to start handing our punch cards again next spring. For those of you who missed the message at the end of this market-season, hang on the cards you got this year, they are good for next season as well. For those who are not familiar with our program, it's quite simple:  Everytime you purchase vegetables, herbs, or live plants from at one of our markets or the farm, you'll receive a punch on your the rewards card. On your fifth visit, when we punch the 20% Off square and you get 20% off that purchase. On your tenth purchase when we punch the leaf you get that purchase free up to $10.00 on anything we sell. 

Last Year

Last year we gave away about $600 in free produce and herbs to our most loyal customers and nearly $1000 in discounts.  We had some really loyal customers get through two cards in a single season.   

Forget your card?

Not a problem, we'll give you a second or third or fourth card.  Cards and punches are inexpensive, and we want to make sure we thank you each time for shopping with us!  We'll take any combination of cards and punches to get you your discount or freebie. You are responsible for keeping your punchcard(s) and making them Certified 2lravailable to get your reward, but we will honor them retroactively the next time you shop if needed.

Legal stuff

We do reserve the right to discontinue card use or refuse discounts or Freebies if we determine that some abuse or mischief is afoot.  Hasn't happened yet, but we do reserve the right.

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