Cooler Cooler Part 2

For those of you that were wanting more information regarding my Cooler Cooler, I’ve finally finished the project, and it might just work! Last weekend we ran a test and found out two major problems with my original design as well as a handful of lesser issues that we needed to address before we could put this project to bed.

Cooler schematic 1 DenverFarmer

First was the entire original design. Although it was sound for the most part, it just took up to much vertical space in the cooler. My initial thoughts were to have two double polycarbonate panels with the ice packs in between, with the fan below the bottom-most panel. By the time I had all those levels in place, there was very little vertical space for the bags of greens. Additionally, the fan I purchased; 38 cubic feet per minute (cfm) didn’t produce enough flow to reach the furthest most parts of the piping.

Plan B...A new Cooler design

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