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On our site, you can learn more about the farm, read our blogs, contact us for special purchases, comment on how you liked our vegetable and herbs, and find out how to get our fresh produce into your restaurant. You can also contact us about our Land CO-OP program and turn your space into an Urban Farm.  We are constantly looking for better ways to stay in contact with our customers and we'll be very active adding additional information to these pages as time goes by.  Make sure you come back and learn the latest news about what's ripe, what Farmers Markets we'll be at, and how you can join the new food movement.  Thanks again for visiting and let us know if you need anything!  

Don't forget our Rewards Program

Our rewards program has been a great success for the last two market season and we can hardly wait to start handing our punch cards again next spring. For those of you who missed the message this year, hang on the cards you got this year, they are good for next season as well.  As I like to say, "The card expires when I do", and I don't plan on checking out anytime soon!  Read More

Learn how to get's produce in your restaurant

So you want to use's fresh, local and organically grown vegetables and herbs in your restaurant?  Good choice indeed.  We are looking to pick up at least two more restaurants next season.  We limit the number of restaurants we supply to in order to provide the highest quality produce at the lowest possible price.  To learn more click here.

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Discovering at my local farmer’s market has been a joy! Since being diagnosed with cancer I have chosen to eat only clean food, no pesticides and lots of organic greens. At they pick the greens the morning of the farmer’s market and keep them in a cooler so they stay fresh. I have lived on the greens and their other vegetables all summer and credit them with the role they’ve played in my return to good health.

pat Pat P.
 Customer has the freshest and tastiest greens. They are with out peer when it comes to flavor. When people ask me how I can eat salad every day, I say, "Easy,'s greens are so good, I look forward to eating them!"

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