So you want to purchase locally grown vegetables, greens, salad mixes, peppers and tomatoes for your restaurant from

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You are quite wise indeed!


Smart move to get the freshest organically grown ingredients for your culinary efforts.  We know your customers will taste the difference.  At we are not a Sysco or a Shamrock, nor will we ever be. We are a local Farm that supplies a few great restaurants and retails the remaining produce and herbs we grow at farmer markets.  We will only sell the very best to our retail customers, so you can be sure that the produce we deliver to your restaurant will be our highest quality.  In addition to selling our produce to restaurants, we also do custom plantings for Chefs, so they get exactly what the are looking for and need. 

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For more information about our Restaurant Program or to get a white sheet of the current ripe and ready produce, contact us or give us a call at 720-402-7506.  We'll be happy to drop by and discuss your needs and how we might help!

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