Trailhead Taphouse and Kitchen

...Opened by Brett and DeAnn Wieber, this Golden Colorado restaurant is a great place to meet old friends and new. With some of the best Southern Cajun this side of the Mississippi.

The Kitchen

At the Trailhead Taphouse, Brett, Chef Rob Piotti, and the crew strive to bring the freshest ingredients together to produce Southern Cajun flair. Chef Rob has studied French Classical cooking up and down the east coast for the past ten years, with personal studies in southern and Cajun food for the past two years. Together with the kitchen team, he combines these techniques to provide our patrons with the most authentic, indulgent Cajun food around.

From classic Gumbos and Jambalayas to a house made Cajun spice, we give you a taste of New Orleans in the heart of Golden CO. Every dish is original and made with love. With some of the best beers in the world on tap, The Trailhead Taphouse and Kitchen is a can’t miss experience.

Stop in, say hi, enjoy the beer, food, and company with our staff.  We promise you will leave full, happy, and most importantly, indulged.

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