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We are often asked how to transplant, prune and water the garden starts we sell.  Although we love helping our customers become better gardeners and grow the greatest yield possible, we sometimes have limited time to legitimately answer customer questions.  This year we have decided to either make or link videos that answer most of our customer's questions.  Over the years we too, have learned more about farming and gardening from YouTube video but we must admit there are some that give out incorrect information or information meant for different growing conditions other than here in Colorado.  We have tried to find videos that we have vetted with our own experience.

In the case where we have used someone's videos or portions of a video that we did not produce, we will give credit where credit is due.  Including links to the individual videos as well as to the owners YouTube Channel.  We urge our users to subscribe to their channels and watch their videos.

As time becomes more readily available and efficiencies kick in we hope to have all the videos on our site made specifically for Colorado, but until then we offer these substitutes (click on the link to go to the video):

How To Prune Tomato Plants: In 3 Easy & Important Steps
by LDSPrepper

Pruning Peppers 
A compilation video with material from Praxxus77512


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