Pruning Peppers Video

Below is a compilation of video produced by Praxxus55712 a YouTube channel owner.  This compilation was created by to shorten several Praxxus55712 videos and combine three different videos into a single.  We did our due diligence in trying to find a video that would cover all of the aspects of pruning pepper plants, and there are quite a few.  The Difference with Praxxus55712 videos is that they were produced over the course a year and actually show the progress of the pepper plants as they grow and develop after pruning.  We think this is very important that you see what the plants should look like as this will help you to be committed to the proper pruning techniques. 

Pruning a pepper plant has many benefits including a stronger healthier plant overall, and ultimately a plant that bears a larger yield.  There is nothing as discouraging as buying a $5.00 plant only to have it yield four or five peppers. 

We actively prune both the plants that go into our field as well as the starts that you buy from  Depending on the size and type of starts that we sell, many times the first pruning has already been performed. 

We encourage you to learn more about growing and pruning your vegetables to get the most out of each.  A good place to learn some techniques is at Praxxus55712.  We highly advise that you both subscribe to his YouTube channel as well as watch his great videos.  We will give links to his channel as well as links to these three specific videos in the description of this video.

The links to the three videos used in our video are:

To watch more videos from Praxzus55712 click on the link below:

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