Pruning Tomato Plants 

In the video below LDSPrepper share how to prune tomato plants in three easy steps.  This is the exact method that we use when we prune our tomatoes both in the field and early on for the garden starts we sell.  In order to have the highest yields, and healthiest plants it is imperative that a gardener unashamedly prunes indeterminate type tomatoes throughout the season.

We can't count the number of times we've heard customers claim that the tomatoes did really well last year, "the plants were huge", but yet they complain of poor performance in regards to yield. An un-pruned tomato plant is an invitation to large, uncontrollable plants, with little fruit and prime for disease and pests. Pruning a tomato is easy and although somewhat time-consuming is the most productive thing a tomato lover can do to grow bountiful tomatoes.  

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