Transplanting Tomato Starts in the Spring

Below is a short video describing how to transplant tomatoes into your garden. Produced by the TheProduceGuy a YouTube Channel owner. The video is less than six minutes long and does a great job of showing anyone how to plant tomato starts from The key is to bury the tomato at least twice as deep as the depth of the pot that it comes in. So if your plant is in a 5-inch tall pot, trim off the leaves at least five more inches up from the dirt in the pot and plant 10 inches deep. Make sure that you don't have any leaves laying on the soil when you're done. If you do, just pinch those leaves off.
In addition to the information in the video, it's a good idea to add some compost to the bottom of the hole and/or some organic fertilizer. This extra step will help the plant have the energy to establish solid roots and start developing foliage and blooms quickly.

To see more videos from TheProduceGuy follow the link below:
The ProduceGuy YouTube Channel


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